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My Sports Factory is a place you have to associate with, if you are serious about a career in sports. We want to be present at the grass root level and help athletes of all disciplines and games to excel. After carefully studying India’s Sporting manner, we found one thing lacking – exposure. One must be familiar with a situation where the student has spent a lot time practicing but could not perform well during a game, and majority of the seniors and coaches point it to lack of exposure and experience. With this in mind we have created tailor made services so that we can bridge this gap by way of getting the aspiring athletes to meet up with experts in the sports world, in their respective games, and share their knowledge and experiences. As a new attempt we would be doing this using technology and thus reducing the cost and time involved in the player to travel to meet the expert.

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We, at My Sports Factory promote domestic sports, Sporting Events and Sports personals to the Domestic as well as the international arena. We have realized that the toughest task is to promote sports persons to the next level. With the kind of exposure that sports has in a country like India, only exception being cricket, where paying for a professional coach is still considered a luxury, we are trying to break out from the norm and bridge the gap between players and qualified coaches, employers and employees and try to bring in a more professional way to approach sports and especially take up Sports as a career.

We provide a variety of services to our clients - Training camps, Mentorship Programs, Best Available sports garments and comparison amongst suppliers, Sports Career opportunities, Information on nearest camps and training happening for various sports and many more tailor made services which can be provided on request.

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